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Our team

At Seriun, we take a customer-centric approach that produces excellent results. Our way of putting people first includes our colleagues, those who work with you on the front line as well as in the background.

We’ve invested a lot into building an excellent team. Each of our colleagues is skilled and motivated to do their best. We’re immensely proud of what we’ve created and we’re committed to continuing to help them support you.

See our people below and the story of how we’ve built such an amazing team that continues to go from strength to strength.

How have we built a strong team?

Our people are at the core of our success – our ability to give our best to our customers and clients. Just like we concern ourselves with the ‘well-being’ of our customers and clients, we proactively support each and every one of our team members. We know they will help Seriun continue to evolve as a leading provider of managed IT, software and telecoms services.

  • We recruit for attitude and fit, as well as for performance and skills
  • All colleagues have structured reviews and are encouraged to make the most of personal development opportunities and build careers
  • We reward a commitment to training – our people receive a pay rise for achieving a new certification
  • We’re an established apprenticeship partner with Nelson & Colne College and Burnley Themis and we offer permanent jobs to the very best
  • We support colleagues who want to change roles and even teams, which cross-pollinates skills and helps us serve clients holistically and empathetically
  • Our documented employee strategy is supported by a rewards, recognition and engagement platform
  • We’re committed to the well-being of our team, and offer benefits such as counselling, healthcare and dental care for them and their families


Working with the best to deliver the best

Meet the team

Meet the people that make it all work


Service Delivery KPIs March 2021


25 secs

Average Waiting Time
(21s IVR security routing)



Reactive Tickets Closed


88 %

Same Day Fix


99.8 %

Overall SLAs Met



Client Satisfaction