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Why Choose Seriun for Penetration Testing

Our proven methodologies are closely aligned with the OSSTMM, PTES and OWASP frameworks, which are a series of industry standards governing security and pen testing. Our qualified pen testers use these Open-Source standards as guidelines during penetration testing engagements across variety of platforms. Following these frameworks adds credibility to our service to you, and guarantees it will be comprehensive, effective and highly reputable.

Our tests are all designed to simulate real-world attacks and are largely carried out through a manual process. So, you will receive a tailored service with dedicated experts focussed on your business. Our cyber experts will embrace the hacker mindset to spot vulnerabilities that tools alone will miss. This method of testing is much more rigorous than automated technology driven scan results alone and will yield more in depth and thorough results.

We will provide a detailed report with remediation advice with each round of testing. The report will highlight any vulnerabilities and will explore in detail any potential business risks that have been identified.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our penetration testing team are highly skilled and experienced and will conduct all testing in line with your business requirements. They are also available for one-to-one expert advice at any time throughout the project.

Our Pen Testing Solutions

Penetration testing is crucial to your organisations security and serves as a way to examine whether your cyber policies are genuinely effective. It could be applied to all your computer systems and associated infrastructure, to help ensure all potential infiltration routes into your business are checked and tested. Being proactive is crucial.

We recommend pen testing is performed on a regular basis to ensure your data and systems are kept secure. After all, cyber criminals are constantly finding new weak points in emerging systems, programs, and applications.

Our pen testing will identify security vulnerabilities and unreliable environments within your IT systems and security. We will mimic the tactics used by cyber criminals in a safe way without causing any damage, to test how easy it is to penetrate your information system. We will examine the ways the system could be compromised.


Our Pen Testing Assessments

Pen Testing Assessments


External Penetration Testing

An external network pen test examines your business’ perimeter systems that can be accessed from the Internet. These systems are exposed so are an easy target for attack. Our external pen test is designed to test the effectiveness of perimeter security controls to prevent and detect attacks as well as identifying weaknesses in internet-facing assets such as web, mail and FTP servers. We will provide a detailed report highlighting any vulnerabilities with recommended solutions.


Internal Infrastructure Penetration Testing

If a malicious insider, disgruntled employee or malware gain access to your internal network, the impact could be devastating. Using a combination of automated and targeted manual testing on end-user devices, servers and networking equipment, we will identify vulnerabilities that are open to exploitation. we will provide you with a full and complete understanding of any technical and business risks, which will be accompanied by an action plan and remediation guidance.


Wireless Network Penetration Testing

Wireless networks are incredibly susceptible to cyber crime – if they’re not protected they can act as an entry point for cyber criminals. We will employ advanced manual testing techniques and automated scans to simulate real-world attacks to assesses your wireless infrastructure for vulnerabilities. We will provide a comprehensive report outlining any risks to your business along with recommended solutions.


Social Engineering Testing

Your team are your biggest asset but at the same time can be your biggest threat. Most breaches occur because a member of your team has clicked a malicious link and opened the door for an attacker to step inside. Our social engineering testing will test how well your employees adhere to your company’s security policies and will highlight any gaps in your security practices. We will provide actionable recommendations to raise cyber security awareness and improve your front-line security.


Web Application Penetration Testing

It is crucial to make sure your web applications have heightened security to ensure business continuity and integrity. Traditional firewalls and other security measures provide a valuable layer of security; however, they cannot defend against many web app specific attack vectors. Our web app pen test uses rigorous testing to identify potential vulnerabilities in your websites and web applications. Through advanced manual testing we will also assess your API endpoints and public-facing web applications for vulnerabilities.

Our Pen Testing Process

Pen Testing Process

During an initial consultation we will identify and locate the services and applications that are available on the network. We will then engage in the testing phase and will forcefully exploit weak hosts, services, and applications, to detect vulnerabilities and business risks. To conclude, we will deliver a detailed report consisting of a non-technical executive summary and a detailed technical report, which will outline a prioritised list of identified vulnerabilities with remediation advice. Finally, we will implement the required solutions to remediate the identified and exploited vulnerabilities.