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Our Virtual Chief Technical Officer (vCTO) Services

A virtual Chief Technical Officer would make crucial decisions about your business’ technological infrastructure.

They will give you the strategic direction you need to help move your business forward and scale up your operations.

Ultimately they are the expert you can rely upon to streamline your processes, which contributes to an increase in revenue and
giving you peace of mind.

What would a Virtual CTO do for your business?

Virtual CTO services


In a bit more detail, our vCTO would…

  • Create and manage the technology budget to ensure cost optimisation
  • Perform thorough strategic tech audits and identify IT needs
  • Develop IT strategies that help achieve business objectives
  • Formulate a security strategy to protect your business assets
  • Deliver a structured digital transformation plan
  • Manage projects and deliver them within planned budgets and timescales
  • Develop and oversee high-level KPIs for your IT department
  • Report to the management team on progress, monitoring, issues and risks
  • Help manage internal IT teams to ensure activities across the business are aligned




  • Industry experience and knowledge – our vCTOs have worked with many small to mid-sized businesses so understand what solutions work and provide valuable industry insights.
  • They have access to the wider Seriun company resources for project specific collaboration.
  • They will upskill your internal teams, so you will save on external training costs.
  • Enjoy total flexibility without costly and time-consuming recruitment processes.
  • They will have an immediate impact without lengthy onboarding processes delivering you instant value.



What business is it for?

Our vCTO services are suitable for any business in any industry.

We will tailor the solution to suit your requirements.

Call us or drop us a line to discuss your business needs:
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