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Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), transfers telecommunications data in a simple and efficient way.

We have integrated MPLS networks for many of our clients who had growing requirements for communication and reliable connectivity across multiple sites.

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MPLS Overview

MPLS is a high performance, multiple site connectivity solution for telephony networks.

This type of network enables organisations to improve productivity for flexible working, providing secure networks for IP telephony and cloud-based applications.

For businesses with growing requirements, having a reliable MPLS connection can reduce the cost of having multiple networks across different sites. Instead, one network covers the sites required and can be scaled as more sites are added.


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Improve Security

Having a dedicated MPLS network for your business also improves security for your business, keeping everything within one secure network.

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Why Choose MPLS?

MPLS connections are often utilised by businesses who are looking for a more cost-effective and scalable connectivity solution. Most often, for companies who require more control over their applications and level of service, MPLS exceeds their expectations.

MPLS networks are also ideal for voice traffic and business critical applications as it is reliable and secure solution. As it is a private network it is also a secure and efficient method of routing data, away from a public internet connection.

Our MPLS are also private networks at a realistic pricing point, providing an ideal solution for growing businesses with changing requirements for their connectivity.

Alongside all the services and products we provide, our private network connectivity customers also benefit from 24-hour support and management.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive platform with a huge range of uses for businesses which require a dedicated connectivity solution such as MPLS.

We have integrated Microsoft Azure for many of clients, creating their own infrastructure of key business applications including emails, database servers, file storage servers, web severs and much more.

As a scalable system, Azure is ideal for business with changing requirements. We have worked with many clients who have developed their business infrastructure using the Microsoft Azure platform, developing new systems and applications to increase productivity and efficiency within their teams.

Azure is also ideal for businesses with multiple sites, as systems can be integrated into the different locations easily.

For more information on Microsoft Azure, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.


MPLS networks are extremely easy to scale as the business grows, therefore making it ideal for growing businesses which are expanding at a fast rate.

As a multi-site solution, MPLS connections can be scaled each time a new site is established, however with Seriun all the connections will be under one Service License Agreement (SLA). Our team also provide 24-hour support service, covering all of the sites within the agreement and ensuring maximum efficiently.

Whatever your businesses requirements for an MPLS network, our experienced team are here to assist you.

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