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27th 2022

Seriun present their ‘Live Hacking’ seminar at Manchester’s Hyatt Regency

Seriun have recently delivered their Live Hacking seminar for The Business Network at Hyatt Regency Manchester earlier this month. Due to the success of their first Live Hacking event in April, Seriun were approached by...

22nd 2022

Seriun promote Joe Joinson to 3rd Line Engineer

Our IT engineer Joe Joinson joined us back in 2018 after he’d finished his apprenticeship with Stonehouse logic. He’s since worked his way up the ranks to become 3rd line engineer earlier this year. Joe moved to...

14th 2022

New apprentice joins the Seriun Service Desk

Andrei Balaban is the latest apprentice to join Seriun’s growing service desk Andrei Balaban is the latest apprentice to join Seriun’s growing service desk. Seriun are passionate about developing young people. They...

1st 2022

Budding marketer Isabelle joins Seriun as Marketing Apprentice

Burnley College student Isabelle Butson takes the first step into her marketing career at Seriun. A great time to join leading MSP Seriun as they continue to expand their services throughout the country and bolster their...

24th 2022

Tech considerations when growing a business

Technology is an essential part of all modern business operations, and when used effectively can help a business grow and progress. There are many technology considerations for business growth, depending on the route you...

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