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Our Business Continuity Management Services

Having a comprehensive business continuity management plan is essential for any business, whatever service offering or industry you are operating within.

At Seriun we work with a huge range of clients to create bespoke business continuity management strategies that enable the business to continue to perform at maximum capacity should any unavoidable incidents occur.

As with all our services, each of our business continuity management strategies are unique to our clients and their businesses. Before beginning the process of creating a continuity plan we analyse and monitor your organisation, this enables our team to fully understand how your business works and the issues that may arise during an incident.

Once we have analysed the data from our research we then work alongside you to create a bespoke business continuity management plan that encompasses all fundamental aspects of your business.



One of the best ways to ensure constant business uptime and optimum work output is by monitoring business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Our technical team work alongside our clients to monitor any potential issues or barriers they may be facing whilst working to keep downtime to a minimum.


Backup & Recovery

For those instances where a disaster simply cannot be prevented our backup and recovery services will ensure that your business is back up and running as soon as possible. We use our down bespoke recovery software so we can promise our clients a smooth restoration process, whatever has caused their business to suffer from downtime.


High availability & replication

One of the things we hear most from our clients is “We need as little downtime as possible”. If downtime simply isn’t an option for your business our high availability business continuity plans create an automated failover to a backup system, resulting in no downtime for your team. Our experts utilise the latest technologies to create tailored high availability solutions for our clients.



We only want our clients to benefit from using the most advanced software, which is exactly why we have created our own backup and recovery software Ironcore. By using our knowledge and experience of recovery systems our developers created the whole solution to cover all aspects of the restoration process within a short time frame. As we have developed the entire system ourselves we have been able to extensively test the system before implementing it for our clients. If you require a specialist system that your business can rely on we can help, simply fill in the contact form or call our team via 01282 500770.