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Managed IT Services – Technical Support

Seriun offers no-nonsense technical support for your managed IT services during normal office hours as standard, with the option of out-of-hours support if you require it.

Your employees have direct access to our support engineers, who have the qualifications and experience to get them back on track quickly and efficiently – around 90% of issues can be fixed the same day and we have a 99% customer satisfaction rating.


The technical support process

  • Triage/analysis of issue
  • Resolve or escalate
  • Once the ticket is resolved, it is closed
  • Weekly internal reviews help improve our responses. These meetings are attended by support engineers and account managers so we can get a full view of our performance and any opportunities for improvement.

Examples of technical support scenarios

Our objective is to keep you working and minimise downtime, so we do all we can, whatever the issue.

Single-user hardware issue

Anne’s laptop has stopped working – it won’t even switch on. After running through the usual diagnostic checks, we decide to visit Anne’s office and see if we can fix it there.

In the meantime, we can give her another computer to keep her working, or get her logged in on another company device, while the issue with her laptop is resolved and it can be returned to her.

Multi-user software issue

A suspected server issue is affecting an entire team at a busy financial services business. Several people are not able to work. needs to be fixed rapidly or put redundancies in place to maintain uptime.

Fortunately, when we started working with them last year, we helped them implement a cloud solution that minimised downtime and shortened recovery time. In this case, we were able to move their virtual server to another host and they were quickly back to work.

If they had retained their old way of doing it – with a server sitting in their offices – recovery time would have been much longer, including travel to the site, potentially sourcing new parts, and executing a restore of their data.


A fully-managed, proactive IT service

Seriun’s IT service includes support management and maintenance of the IT assets.

  • Network Infrastructure including cabinets, servers, switches, routers, UPS, firewalls, NAS units, user desktop hardware (company laptops & desktops), office printer/fax/scanners.
  • IT system software management and support.
  • On-site IT engineering visits. These are included within the IT support contract at no extra charge for time and travel.
  • All-inclusive telephone, remote and offsite support across your IT infrastructure.
  • Third party collaboration: we actively and pro-actively work with our customers’ other suppliers to ensure a smooth, comprehensive, rapid resolution to tickets and service requests.

We’re always looking for ways we can improve our service. Our process is: analyse, plan, implement, support, review, repeat.

Managed IT Services – Support Packages

We are accredited with Quality Management System ISO9001 and Security System ISO 27001. We also hold project management and IT management certification in PRINCE2 and ITIL, plus the coveted CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). Seriun is also a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Our comprehensive range of managed IT Service packages is scalable and flexible to your requirements.