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Seriun 3CX is a comprehensive VoIP phone system which is compatible with a range of IP phones and SIP trunks.

This VoIP system provides and extensive range of features and benefits for the user, creating a complete unified communications system that your team will be able to use easily.

Seriun 3CX also reduces the cost of your telecommunications in comparison to a traditional telephone system. For more information on 3CX do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team.

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Seriun 3CX provides an industry-leading solution for VoIP telephone solutions

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What is Seriun 3CX?

Seriun 3CX is a telecommunication system which is utilised by business throughout the UK. As a VoIP system Seriun 3CX has a simple installation process and can be hosted both in the cloud or as an on-premise solution.

Seriun 3CX is flexible to the user’s individual requirements, which means you can create the VoIP system to meet your business’ needs. We have worked with many businesses who have made the move to Seriun 3CX, all of which are now reaping the extensive benefits.

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Seriun 3CX – VoIP Solution

Importantly, this VoIP solution can help your business to save money on your telecommunication costs, without compromising on the quality of your communication methods. Whilst providing the traditional features of a telecoms tool, it also comes with a huge range of added features such as a colleague live chat, mobile applications, status options and video conferencing.

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Call Centre and Conferencing

One of the key features of the Seriun 3CX system are the unified communication options for your business.

Whatever the size of your team, unified communications help to improve communication both internally and externally. Seriun 3CX is a comprehensive system which enables business of all sizes to improve their communication.

Improving collaboration between teams is easily achieved with an instant messaging chat, video conferencing for remote workers and status updates for individual employees.

CRM integration also allows projects to be regularly updated via the telecommunication system.

Team members can also gain instant access to the tools via mobile apps, therefore making the VoIP system ideal for remote working and teams in different locations. Plus, all the features are within one platform – there are no extra costs for these unique tools.

Seriun 3CX – Collaboration and Mobility

Seriun 3CX enables businesses to improve collaboration and mobility within their teams. Those working remotely benefit from all the same features as those within the office.

All the key features can be easily accessed via mobile apps, allowing remote teams to collaborate more efficiently and take calls wherever they are. The apps also include key features such as CRM integration and conference calling, so there are no limitations for remote workers.

The key features of Seriun 3CX include:

  • Call recording
  • Call reporting
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Click2Call
  • CRM integration
  • Call transferring, hold and DND
  • Self-installation and management
  • Video conferencing
  • Colleague instant messaging
  • Website live chat and talk
  • In cloud and on-premise options
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Reduce telephony costs

Besides saving you money, a Seriun 3CX phone system brings many more features and benefits. Get the brochure to find out more…

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