Why businesses switch their IT providers

Information technology is the backbone of modern business operations, ensuring everything runs smoothly day-to-day.

Selecting the right IT partner is critical – it can significantly impact the efficiency of your tech systems and the speed at which issues are resolved, minimising downtime.

However, finding the perfect IT provider can be challenging. Many businesses eventually need to switch providers due to various issues affecting their operations. Here are some common reasons why businesses decide to make a change:

Poor Service

One of the most common reasons businesses switch their IT provider is poor service, which can be shown in several ways:
Slow Response Time – When IT problems arise, quick fixes are essential. A slow response from your IT company can lead to long downtimes, affecting productivity and cost money.

Lack of Support – Good IT support should prevent problems, not just fix them when they occur. Businesses need an IT provider that offers regular system maintenance, updates and security checks as standard.

Inexperienced Staff – With technology constantly changing, an IT provider must be up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices. Providers lacking this experience can leave businesses vulnerable to security threats and inefficiencies.

Not Getting Value for Money

Investing in IT services should provide clear benefits. When this doesn’t happen, it’s time to consider switching providers:
High Costs for Basic Services – Some IT providers charge too much for minimal services. Businesses need to ensure they’re getting good value for their money.
Hidden Fees – Clear and honest billing is crucial. Unexpected charges can strain budges and damage trust.
Ineffective Solutions – If the services provided are not meeting your business needs or improving efficiency, then ask yourself is the investment worth it, and could you get better elsewhere?

Not Scalable

As a business grows, their IT needs change. A provider that cannot scale its services to match this growth can become a big issue:
Inflexible Service Plans – Providers who can’t customise and personalise their service plans to your business specifically can limit your ability to scale your IT infrastructure.
Lack of Solutions – Growing businesses need advanced IT solutions. Providers that aren’t able to offer modern technologies, like cloud computing or strong cyber security can hold back your business.
Resource Limitations – A provider must have the resources to grow alongside it’s clients. If they can’t handle increased demand, performance issues can occur.

Poor SLAs (Service Level Agreements)

Service Level Agreements set the expectations and responsibilities between a business and its IT provider. Poor SLAs are a major reason for switching providers:
Overpromising – Make sure your IT Provider is not promising more than they can deliver, failing to meet their SLAs.


Switching IT providers can be challenging, but it’s often necessary to maintain a robust, scalable, secure, and cost-effective IT infrastructure.

At Seriun, we deliver excellent service, value and scalable solutions tailored to your needs. We deliver not only on our SLA’s but also on our XLA (eXperience Level Agreement). Our XLA ensures we are in constant communication with our customers making sure our solutions are consistently exceeding expectations.

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