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Unified Communications

The world of Unified Communications is complicated, as a saturated market with various systems it can be difficult to make the right choice for your business.Read more

Failure to find the correct software for your business will present issues in both the long and short-term. At Seriun, we understand the ins and outs of unified communications and how to maximise results by using high quality software.

We believe that any technology or communication solution that is integrated into your business should provide benefits for your in-house teams, remote workers, suppliers, partners and most importantly your customers.

Our telecoms team have a portfolio of unified communications software for you to choose from, plus we will make intelligent recommendations on the best software for you based on our discussions.


Business connectivity

Contact Centre Solutions

Ideal for a variety of tele team sizes with cost-effective pricing options available

hosted solutions to improve productivity

Monitor Team Productivity

With call recording and reporting software easily implemented into your business

Cost effective hosted solutions business connectivity

Improve Customer Service

Use statistics and reporting to improve key processes and customer experience

Unified Communication Solutions

Failure to have the correct unified communications software implemented within your business will impact on your team as they will suffer the effects of limited collaboration. Subsequently their productivity and efficiency will be affected and therefore will negatively impact on your customers experience too.

We have worked with many tele-focused companies on ensuring that they are optimising the software available to them to maximise efficiencies within their teams. Options such as call recording and reporting are vital to a modern business that wants to improve key processes and monitor their team’s performance on a regular basis.

Hosted solutions: Business connectivity from Seriun

The Unified Communications Solutions we provide

Communication both internally and externally can be good indictors as to how your teams are performing and as a result, what level of customer service your organisation is providing.

There are many different unified communications solutions that our team provide, all of which are designed to solve a specific issue that businesses commonly experience.

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Unified Communications Solutions: Contact Centre

We have worked with many contact centres and tele teams on their requirements for unified communications software. We provide a range of comprehensive solutions which can work alone or as part of a wider network of solutions.

Encompassing a range of unified communication methods, our contact centre software provides solutions for businesses and teams of varying sizes. We work with small to medium sized businesses with a focus on their customer service, through to larger organisations with entire locations dedicated to tele teams.

Whatever your requirements, our experienced unified communications team are on hand to assist you.

Unified Communications: Call Recording

Call recording and reporting software can result in improved productivity and efficiency better positioning your teams to provide great customer service and communication experiences to your clients and customers.

Our unified communications approach includes introducing a comprehensive call recording and reporting tool into your teams, enabling managers and senior team members to review progress of individuals and teams.

There are copious benefits to call recording solutions, such as, calls can be played back for training purposes, teams can be reviewed to ensure number of calls and time per call are on par with KPIs.

Unified Communications Solutions: CTI Integration

Improve how your teams work across their handsets and computers with CTI integration. This unified communications solution allows your tele team to answer calls, transfer, see call information display and much more.

CTI integration results in improved productivity within your teams, their workflow and key tasks can be carried out across both handsets and hardware.

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