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Our Infrastructure services

Whether you are a small business looking for cost-effective support or are an international organisation looking to overhaul your entire infrastructure, our experts can advise and implement a new solution for your business.

All aspects of your businesses should be geared towards giving you an advantage over competitors in this digital age. With new business legislation, changing customer requirements, new competition and budget limitations there’s a lot for you to think about – so let us focus on your infrastructure.

Starting at initial planning stages, guiding you through to implementation and even carrying on our support at installation, we take care of everything that you don’t have the time to.

As part of our IT services we help to design and implement the ideal infrastructure for your business that produced high performance and business efficiency.


Containment (Cabling)

From complex cases with limited options for containment through to simple office cabling work, our experienced team are highly knowledgeable in how to solve containment issues so you can feel confident you’re in the right hands. We have assisted our clients in both relocation containment projects and existing office infrastructure realignments so whatever your requirements our technical team are on hand to help.


Wireless Access Points

As part of infrastructure planning we will map out the locations of all wireless access points throughout your business location, ensuring maximum operation across the whole site. As well as working with one location businesses, many of our clients operate over multiple locations therefore we are experienced in providing cost-effective infrastructure services for both large and small to medium sized businesses.



Our experienced team provide server recommendations and advice to businesses ranging in size and structure. As we have our own team of infrastructure consultants and engineers we can assist with the entire server project, from making recommendations right through to on-site installation and ongoing maintenance.


Network Points

Our team are specialists in planning and implementing network points for our clients, varying in office size and structure we ensure to provide optimum network point access for all team members. Whether you are moving to a new premises and require a full network points plan or would like advice on how to re-structure your current office layout, our team will be able to assist you.