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Leased Line

Leased lines provide a dedicated broadband connection with superfast performance and internet connectivity for businesses.

Our packages are backed by Service License Agreements (SLA) and come with ongoing maintenance and support from our experienced and professional team.

If you would like more information on our leased line packages, do not hesitate to get in touch with our connectivity team.

Business connectivity

Reliable Connectivity

Leased line provide solutions for business connectivity

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Cost-effective Solutions

Our team provide cost-effective solutions for businesses with leased line requirements

Cost effective hosted solutions business connectivity

Ongoing Support

Our North West based team provide ongoing support for our leased line


Leased line connections provide solutions for businesses who require reliable and cost-effective methods of connectivity for their business.

As a dedicated solution, you will benefit from improved connectivity and security for your business. Also, as the connection is dedicated there will be no interruption in the speeds you are able to experience, steady speeds will be guaranteed.

Leased lines also benefit from low latency (lag) therefore for businesses who regularly host video conferences will benefit from clear communication.

Hosted solutions: Business connectivity from Seriun

Leased Line Connectivity

The reliability of leased lines appeals to growing businesses with expanding requirements from their internet connectivity. We have worked with many companies, some of which with multiple sites, to integrate leased line internet solutions.

At Seriun, we provide a range of connections therefore we have a connectivity option to suit each business. If you are unsure which connectivity will meet your requirements, our experienced team are on hand to assist you.

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Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) uses copper pairs to connect to the local exchange, using a simple installation technique EFM can be easy to set up and start running.

EFM is a cost-effective option for businesses who still require the reliability of a dedicated connection. The way EFM is set up means that the extra charges fibre brings can be avoided and instead users benefit from a reliable connection for a reduced cost.

EFM connections are also resilient and reliable, making it ideal for businesses with growing requirements for a reliable connection that their teams can work efficiently on.

Wireless leased line

Wireless leased line points provide a reliable solution for business connectivity, without the restrictions of wired points and the wired installation process.

Even though the points are wireless, users will still benefit from the reliability and high speeds of traditional leased lines.

Wireless leased lines are ideal for businesses that would have a complex installation setup for a traditional leased line and so instead wireless points can be installed throughout the building to ensure a reliable connection is achieved.

Fibre leased line

As a dedicated fibre leased line is a single connection for your business, users will benefit from uninterrupted connectivity. Speeds and reliability remain the same as there are no other users on the network.

Superfast speeds can also be achieved with fibre leased lines, depending on distance and other factors. Our professional team will provide advice on the best solution for your business based on your individual requirements and the capabilities of your location and office.

All our clients benefit from 24-hour support and maintenance when utilising our fibre services, so you can feel confident in our experienced team.

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