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Our Cloud Solutions

Any move to a new cloud based solution for your business should be aligned with the long-term business strategy, working towards reaching new goals and measures of success for the business.

Our 20-strong team work hard to understand exactly the complexities and issues that our clients are facing and create bespoke strategies to combat these problems. Often cloud solutions play an integral part of these plans, reducing costs and increasing efficiency once they have been implemented.

Organisations of all sizes and across a vast range of industries benefit from integrating cloud based solutions into their everyday working life, from cloud hosting through to Azure there is a cloud option for all issues that businesses are facing.

We have helped thousands of businesses to integrate cloud based solutions into their organisations.


Cloud hosting (co-location & public)

If you are looking for a cost-effective and reliable hosting solution our team can help. As each business is different we understand that their requirements for cloud hosting will all differ. For some a co-location server that they own and can physically reach should they need to is ideal, or for other businesses secure public cloud hosting is enough to fulfil their requirements.


Cloud backup & replication

For situations where a reliable backup or replica of your business’ systems are required our team recommend utilising cloud solutions. Cloud backup and replication is much more cost effective as there is no requirement to build and maintain an offsite infrastructure. We have enabled many of our clients to fully restore their key business data after a disaster event by utilising cloud solutions.


Cloud anti-spam

Ensure that your organisation is secure from spam, phishing emails and data loss with our cloud anti-spam services. Scanning all emails for potential viruses, the cloud anti-spam service stores all emails marked as spam away from your original mail server. Our anti-spam service also allows the user to filter their messages, backlisting or whitelisting senders where required.


Office 365

In the age of remote working it has never been so important to have a way for team members to collaborate and access their files from anywhere. With Office 365 your team will benefit from flexible and easy to use tools for cohesive working. We have helped many of our clients to benefit from increased productivity and team working by implementing Office 365 into their organisation. If you would like to know more about how Office can benefit your business contact our team to discuss our Office 365 packages.



Microsoft Azure provides the perfect platform to create and deploy cloud based solutions for a huge range of business requirements. The extensive software means that we can create bespoke solutions for your business, tailored to the issues/barriers that you are facing, some common uses for Azure include virtual machines, extending a data centre and testing new systems and software.