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Manufax Makes It Possible

"Seriun have restored confidence in our it and provided a platform to take our business to the next level and take on more specialised work."

David Baines | Operations Director, Manufax


Manufax, established 50 years, are a Stockport based specialist engineering group with a global reputation for delivering on important projects. The group works for many of the world’s leading engineering companies, including; BAE, Lockheed Martin, Agusta Westland Helicopters, GKN Aerospace, Bombardier, BNFL, Bentley, Airbus, JCB & Caterpillar. Manufax also designed and produced vital tooling for Richard Nobles Bloodhound land speed world record attempt.

Mission Accomplished

The Manufax IT network infrastructure was due for a refresh and there were some major ongoing issues that were seriously impacting on operations:

  1. Core IT network infrastructure operating speeds were slow, systems ran slower than expected and impacted on users throughout the business.
  2. Existing Broadband services were insufficient and superfast terrestrial services hadn’t reached the locality. The slow, existing service took an age to download engineering files and caused production delays on the engineering shop floor.
  3. Security compliance is paramount when working with most Manufax clients and existing services required taking to another level to ensure the company achieved compliance for the foreseeable future and to improve monitoring and control measures.
  4. The group, operating from several locations, had separate standalone phone systems at each site with limited functionality and out of step with the high tech, high performing markets in which they operate. Staff were unable to see whether colleagues were on or off-site, or available, calls couldn’t be transferred between sites and caused inconvenience to callers.
  5. As part of the network infrastructure refresh, Manufax addressed a requirement to focus on improving operations. Delivering a forensic approach to business KPIs and achieving significant operational and shop floor efficiencies. A new ERP system and server was envisaged and Manufax needed independent and expert assistance to specify and deliver the solution.
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How we made it all come together

IT infrastructure

A thorough audit of the existing IT infrastructure was followed by a project to maintain and re-configure systems including the replacement of several existing switches with Cisco SG220’s to improve their network operating speeds.

Corporate Grade SLA

Replacement of the slow existing broadband with a wireless broadband link from Metronet supported by corporate grade SLA. It has the flexibility to increase/decrease speeds dependent on demand which produces cost savings during low demand periods.

Leave it to the profesionals

If you require control over your level of IT support, and would like to find out more about how Seriun can reduce your IT costs and deliver a managed outsourced department – get in touch or give us a call now.