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Our Cyber Security Services

Our cyber security services are designed to pinpoint and fix vulnerabilities within your business infrastructure, and monitor potential future cyber threats on your organisation. We are also an IASME Certification Body and Cyber Essentials assessor, able to help you prove your cyber security credentials to your supply chain.

Led by an expert with world-class credentials, our experienced cyber team works closely with you to get an appropriate strategy in place that covers all potential threats your business is facing.

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Your requirements are unique to your business, so we make sure we have a full understanding of your organisation before recommending services. Here’s an overview of the managed services to SMB and enterprise organisations offered as cyber security packages.


Cyber Security Audits

Businesses in the UK – large and small – are having the robustness of their cyber security tested constantly. An astonishing 46% reported breaches or attacks in a 2020 DCMS report. Of these, 32% experienced issues at least once a week (up from 22% in 2017). If you want to know how well your company’s cyber security stands up, a thorough audit will highlight any vulnerabilities and potential threats. If required, we’ll create solutions to secure your business and its data.



With cyber-attacks becoming increasingly complex, monitoring all aspects of a businesses’ infrastructure allows us to create a strong and protective network. As part of our monitoring and security service, we recommend regular penetration tests and phishing assessments. These are unannounced events designed to evaluate how your operations, security processes and workforce respond to identify and nullify threats – because you’re only ever as strong as your weakest link.


Patch Management

It’s essential for your cyber security to make sure that software patches are deployed as soon as they are available. Patches are often designed to close vulnerabilities, but the patch’s release may alert hackers to this vulnerability’s existence – time is of the essence. Patch Management is critical as an ongoing managed IT service to maintain optimum cyber security. Our team reacts automatically when a new patch becomes available, taking prompt action to install, configure and secure the new update as seamlessly as possible.



Antivirus software is a critically important element of your cyber security package. The options for your business are varied and we can help you determine which antivirus software is appropriate for your needs. Our team will conduct a full consultation, including an assessment of daily operations and hardware. Once we fully understand the virus threats your business is facing, we’ll recommend an antivirus that will protect and maintain security as your business grows.


IASME Certification Body

Seriun is an IASME Certification Body, which means we’re able to audit and certify SMBs against regulated benchmarks. IASME (which stands for Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises) is an affordable and achievable alternative to ISO 27001. It allows small companies to demonstrate their level of cyber security and show they are taking good steps to protect customers’ information. This is critical for growing companies with ambitions to win more contracts.

The IASME Governance Audit conducted by Seriun includes a Cyber Essentials assessment and GDPR requirements. It includes:

  • Risk assessment and management
  • Monitoring
  • Change management
  • Training and managing people
  • Backup
  • Incident response and business continuity

IASME is also available as a self-assessment; however, it does not have the clout of an independent audit carried out by a certification body.


Cyber Essentials

A company’s cyber security can be improved and supported by training your key people. We advise all our customers to obtain the Cyber Essentials certification. As a government scheme, which is highly supported by the tech industry, it raises awareness of threats and vulnerabilities so you can take a greater role in protecting yourselves against common cyber-attacks. Seriun is accredited to guide you through Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.


Managed IT Services – Support Packages

We are accredited with Quality Management System ISO9001 and Security System ISO 27001. We also hold project management and IT management certification in PRINCE2 and ITIL, plus we’re an IASME Certification Body and a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Our comprehensive range of Managed Cyber Security packages is, like our Managed IT Service packages, scalable and flexible to your requirements.