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Our Voice Communications Services

We understand that an effective business telephone system is crucial for successful and reliable  business communications.  This is why we offer a wide range of voice based telephony systems designed to co-ordinate with your customers internal and external communications. Read more…

At Seriun we build long lasting relationships with our clients, working with them to continually improve their communications. We utilise the latest technologies to give our clients a competitive edge in their industry.

Beginning at analysis, moving onto implementation and continuing with maintenance our team cover all aspects of voice communications.




SIP phones rely on modern technology to operate. They use an Open Standard “SIP” to set up and manage phone calls. The voice signal is carried over an IP-based network using another Open Standard. These phones are also sometimes called VoIP Phones and offer crystal clear communications.

The Benefits of SIP

Benefits of Using SIP

• Ease of use for making and receiving local and long distant calls
• Easy access to both land line and mobile numbers
• Access to the internet and the use of emails and text messages
• Access to ENUM (Telephone Number Mapping)
• Elimination of network overlap and associated costs
• Ability to enhance and increase the use of office communications servers



Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) allow for the simultaneous digital transmission of voice, video, data, and other network services. It offers a digital line that provides ‘channels’ that can be used for separate calls. ISDN offers a high-performance service that delivers broadcast-quality voice and continuous, extremely reliable data transmission, making it a well suited to small businesses that cannot afford any break in transmission.

The benefits of ISDN

Benefits of Using ISDN Systems

• A proven track record in reliability
• Flexible system that can easily be incorporated with new technology
• Options are available to protect incoming or outgoing calls in the system becomes unavailable
• Cost-effective solutions for small to medium businesses


NGN (08 Numbers)

Non Geographical numbers are not linked to any specific location, meaning they can be used an alternative to traditional landline numbers. 08 numbers are used for a variety of different reasons, but most commonly used to offer freephone numbers to customers, or generate revenue for paid-for services. There are a wide range of non-geographic numbers available, with the costs varying depending on the prefix of the number.

The Benefits of NGN Numbers.

Benefits of Using NGN (08 Numbers)

• Freephone numbers
• Revenue generating numbers, charged at mid tariff rates
• Nationwide numbers which are charged at the local rate
• Premium rate and variable revenue generating telephone numbers
• One way call operation and easy re-routing capabilities