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Our Telephony Services

From analogue lines to cutting edge fibre broadband systems, it is now easier than ever before to not only converse over the telephone, but to send data, images and even video from one location to another in a matter of milliseconds. Read more…

Don’t get left in the dark ages.  Enlist our services to provide bespoke, cutting edge telecommunication systems for your business.  We offer comprehensive solutions, making upgrading telecommunications systems simple, effective and with minimal outlay.

Upgrade your communication systems so you too can access information and connect with staff, customers and suppliers at the touch of a button.  A  world class telephony systems installed in your workplace can be the difference between succeeding and being left behind.



Hosted Solutions

Utilising a range of Internet-based voice and data communications, hosted solutions switch and store data held by a third-party outside of your organisation making them always secure, and always easily accessible. The evolution of VoIP (voice over Internet protocol), has made telecommunications a part of the cloud phenomenon, and is replacing more traditional business telephone equipment like Private branch exchange (PBX).

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Samsung Handsets

With ergonomic designs, cutting edge technology and a wealth of additional features, Samsung Handsets are a cut above the competition. With handsets to suit every organisation, whatever their size, Samsung offers cost-effective solutions to companies looking to upgrade their current in-house telephone systems.

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Samsung Systems

Samsung systems are designed to meet the needs of small to medium size organisations looking to maximise their resources. With cloud based technology and sharp, intelligent hosted solutions, every Samsung System is tailored to ensure that communication is at the forefront of your business model.

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