IT Support – World Class!

IT support - MSP 501

“Seriun’s global ranking makes me feel on top of the world!”

– Justin Sherwood, managing director and co-founder of IT Support company Seriun


Can you be based in Barrowford and still be world class? Of course you can – Seriun has the proof. Our team is very excited to announce that we have ranked number one in the North West in the global MSP 501 for IT support. This equates to 2nd spot in the North overall, 8th in UK and 140th in the world rankings!

Our debut listing which honours the best managed service providers in the world is a massive credit to the amazing team we have here at Seriun. And they all should take a bow!

It’s the biggest recognition of the great service  the team has provided in the 17 years we have been in business. For all of us, it’s a very proud moment.

This kind of recognition demonstrates our team’s passion and focus on delivering an exceptional service, something which hasn’t wavered even amid the coronavirus crisis.


What is the MSP 501?


MSP 501 organisers Channel Partners Evolution collect data from MSPs across the globe. They set a high bar, looking at everything:  profits, revenue mix, growth opportunity and long-term viability. A lot of thought and information has gone into creating the list – making Seriun’s spot at 140 that much sweeter.

We wrote a blog recently about how much Seriun has grown in just a few years – we’re on track to double our figures this financial year and we’ve expanded our portfolio of clients, both SMEs and large companies – being part of the MSP 501 is another feather in our cap.

So yes, this is huge news for Seriun, and we’re excited to begin the next chapter as a managed services company operating from this platform of recognition.

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