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Business Connectivity

Business connectivity is much more than connecting to the internet. In fact, it encompasses all aspects of your business and ensures that all sites, departments and teams can work efficiently to provide an unmatched service to your clients and customers. Read more

At Seriun, we have been providing business connectivity solutions to clients for many years, providing reliable and modern solutions for growing businesses.

We understand that you may have been bombarded with technical jargon and industry terms however with our team you can feel confident that we will suggest only the most suitable business connectivity options for your business.



Reliable Connections

As a valued client of Seriun you will benefit from reliable business connectivity solutions


Cost-Effective Pricing

We provide connectivity options for SMEs throughout the UK, offering realistic pricing


Ongoing Support

Our North West based team provide ongoing support for our connectivity clients

Optimum Connectivity for Your Business

Whether you require internet connectivity, communication with suppliers or the creation of a larger network to link your sites it is essential that optimum connectivity is achieved.

Before making any recommendation for connectivity, our professional team will listen to your individual requirements and make smart recommendations for the best connection type for your business.

We have also worked with a huge variety of business types and sizes, therefore whether you are a small local business, or a multi-site organisation, our business connectivity specialists will be more than happy to assist you.


Seriun’s Business Connectivity

We have tried and tested a variety of connectivity solutions, ensuring that we are able to provide a range of options to our clients therefore we are able to meet a range of budgets and requirements.

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Business Connectivity Solutions

The business connectivity solutions we provide are as follows:


ADSL is a fast and reliable option which provides optimal connectivity to the internet. For businesses that want a simple option for their business connectivity, ADSL is the ideal solution. As this basic broadband connection, it is easily available throughout the UK, lines are quick to install, and ADSL continually provides a stable and reliable service.


Ethernet is a network protocol used in local area networks (LANs) to control how data is transmitted. A LAN is a group of computers and other connected devices within a small area (such as an office), all of which are wired together. Ethernet connections are ideal for businesses that heavily rely on their internet connection, with the function to support voice, video and mission critical data applications.


Ideal for companies that require large upload and download speeds, fibre connections typically provide much faster connectivity than other options. For businesses that work with cloud hosted software solutions and don’t want to exceed their budgets, FTTC is the most commonly selected business connectivity option.


Ethernet First Mile (EFM) uses bundles of copper pairs to connect from the premises to the exchange. EFM is ideal for businesses that deal with sensitive data as it is a highly secure business connectivity solution.


An ideal solution for remote teams and those who work within different locations or offices Multi-protocol Label Switching is a wide area networking standard for high speed communication networks.

Key features of Business Connectivity

The key features of our business connectivity solutions are:

  • Cost-effective pricing options
  • Secure connections
  • Reliable networks
  • Fast speeds
  • Ideal for those with high data requirements
  • Ongoing support from our business connectivity team
  • Remote working options
  • Multi-site connectivity solutions

Benefits of our Business Connectivity Solutions

Finding the right business connectivity solution for your business can bring a whole host of benefits, including:


All businesses rely on the internet for a variety of reasons. Key actions such as communication, software usage and much more can be affected by an unreliable connection. With our business connectivity solutions you can be confident in high reliability.


Security is essential for any business connectivity solution, the secure downloading and uploading of files can be critical for data safety. All of the solutions that we provide are secure and resilient plus our connectivity team are also on hand to assist should there be any issues further down the line.

Ongoing Support

When working with the Seriun team your business will benefit from ongoing support. Our experience means that we handle everything from install to any issues that may occur throughout your time as one of our customers.

Modern Solutions

All the connectivity options we provide are modern, reliable and cost-effective. We stay up to date with the latest industry trends to ensure we can provide an unmatched service level to our clients.

Leave it to the professionals

If you require control over your level of IT or Telecoms support, and would like to find out more about how Seriun can reduce your IT costs and deliver a managed outsourced department – get in touch or give us a call now.