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With today’s reliance on the internet in order to communicate with the outside world, you need to be 100% confident in your chosen solution.

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At Seriun we understand this completely, and we always make sure that we recommend the correct solution for each customer – from what can be a confusing array of options! So here’s a quick overview of the main contenders:


  • Voice Assured – An end to end solution for IP Telephony, with a guarantee on quality of service.
  • ADSL – A range of superfast broadband services for the business market.
  • Converged Broadband – High quality internet and IP telephony access, via a single customer connection.
  • Converged Ethernet – A premium high speed connectivity service for businesses that need high availability and capacity services.
  • FTTC Ethernet – Fast, reliable access as a more cost effective option, yet without compromising on service level or quality.
  • Enhanced MPLS – affordable, highly secure and highly reliable connectivity for small, medium and large businesses wishing to unify all their communication needs on one platform.