Your Cyber Essentials Plus certification partner

Gearing your business up to defend against cyber threats is critical in today’s volatile environment with Cyber Essentials.

Here at Seriun, we’re proud to be one of only four official certification bodies in Lancashire that can guide your business through to qualify for the much sought after Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.

Why are Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations vital in today’s world?

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme that is designed for businesses to ramp up their cyber security – allowing them to protect themselves from common cyber threats such as phishing, malware and ransomware.

It offers businesses:

Protection – It will help prevent around 80% of common cyber attacks.

Trust – The CE badge reassures your customers that you take cyber security seriously and will not be putting their company at any form of risk.

Compliance – It helps you meet legal and regulatory requirements, like GDPR.

Efficiency – Having better security means less downtime and more productivity for your business.

Competitive Edge – It allows you to open up new business opportunities and be primed to win government contracts.

CE Plus provides thorough hands on technical verification to ensure your security measures are effective and offers detailed testing by experts. By enhancing your credibility with a prestigious badge, you are lowering insurance costs and providing protection against sophisticated cyber attacks all at the same time.

Why choose Seriun to certify your business…

As one of the few certifying bodies in Lancashire, we offer unparalleled expertise. It’s our job to guide you through the entire certification process, providing you with personalised support, ensuring a smooth journey to becoming CE or CE+ accredited.

“Really pleased with how quick and painless our re-certification has been this year and having Seriun’s support and cyber packages means there were no unexpected issues when renewing this vital accreditation. There is nothing Seriun could have done during this process to make it any better!”

– Paul Dunleavy, Granby Marketing Services Ltd.

Take the next step…

If you’d like to discuss your journey to becoming Cyber Essentials Plus accredited, please contact our cyber team on: 01282 500770 |

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