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Our Call Recording and Reporting Solutions

Call Recording and Business Reporting solutions can help you to efficiently manage your internal communications. Using the data generated can help you to make informed choices about ways in which you can improve how your business operates.

Call Recording and Business Reporting solutions can be installed and used individually, however they provide invaluable and definitive information when combined as a single application managed by us.



Multi Site Recording

Multi site recording offers a flexible and cost-effective solution to organisations based in more than one location. With a growing demand for quality management, ongoing staff training and effective dispute resolution, the demand for multi site voice recording is growing. Using a fully centralised system allows for easy access and archiving of call data. Your recordings are also protected against site failure as the data is stored in one central location. Multi site recording supports a full range of telephony interfaces including Trunk, Extension and VoIP in a single solution. So, even if your organisation has a mix of telephony across its sites, you are still able to record and store your call recordings in a single seamless archive.



The use of dashboards allows you to quickly analyse company-wide, department/group, or user-level call history, activities, and patterns. The dashboard offers a range of flexible configuration options enabling you to create targeted reports. You can save your report preferences and run frequently used reports formats on a regular basis. It also allows for easily exported data to be translated into spreadsheets and other visualisation tools for closer analysis, helping your business to maximise efficiency and help to reduce costs throughout your inbound and outgoing communications. Intuitive dashboards can easily help control setup, user management and day to day tasks from a remote location.


DDI Reporting

DDI reports are designed to help the customer identify when they are nearing their purchased capacity per DDI. The reports provide an easy to read, visual representation of the hourly peak number of concurrent calls per DDI between two dates. The peak concurrent calls per DDI is for calls from the PSTN to the DDI. Calls in the opposite direction and calls that originate on Interoute’s network are excluded from the reporting as Interoute does not charge for the DDI concurrent capacity of these calls.


Flexible Reporting

Flexible reporting tools make it easy to measure in-house call centre performance. Flexible reporting allows operational issues to be quickly traced to their source so less time is wasted on problem finding and more time devoted to resolution. Using a variety of reporting methods, across a variety of telecommunications tools, your business can identify areas for improvement.


Unreturned Missed Calls

Recording and identifying the cost and missed opportunities from dropped calls can help your business to improve its practices to deliver the highest levels of customer service. A Missed Calls report provides a list of missed calls by extension. The unreturned missed calls report will provide a concise list of callers who have not been called back within a certain period or between a selected range of dates. This type of reporting is vital to find core areas of your contact centre liaisons where you could be missing our on additional income.


Staff Performance Monitoring

Large volumes of calls will lead to a large volume of management information being produced from all the systems that they use. Intuitive dashboards and clear reporting strategies allow team leaders and management to monitor agent performance and deliver real-time feedback to customer facing staff members. As a tool to help your agents re-gain their focus, staff monitoring should be easily communicable between all members of staff. Delivering an efficient and customer-focused service becomes a near impossible task if your staff are struggling to relate to performance metrics. Our performance monitoring solutions automatically gathers and transforms operational data into easy-to-understand information that your teams can use to improve their performance.


Call Quality Monitoring

Quality call monitoring is a simple and easy process that can very quickly produce significant results. It is essential for any organisation interested in improving service quality whilst decreasing costs. Call monitoring allows managers to identify problems, maintain quality standards, improve the customer experience and improve departmental performance. Being able to monitor and record calls in real time is vital.