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Session initiation protocol trunking allows you to make and receive calls over the internet. Seriun 3CX is a comprehensive VOIP phone system compatible with a wide range of SIP trunks. Read more

SIP trunks remove the need to use traditional phone lines giving you a faster clearer connection.

Seriun SIP services are used by business across the UK. With simple installation processes and both cloud and on-premise hosting solutions, we have gained popularity as a leading SIP provider.

This solution is key for businesses looking to make major savings on telecommunication costs without compromising quality and efficiency. SIP also comes with all the benefits you would ordinarily get with traditional telecoms tools plus colleague live chat, status options, applications, and video conferencing among others.


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Simple Installation

Our telecoms team take pride in simple installation of SIP trunks

hosted solutions to improve productivity


All the telecommunications services we provide are scalable for your business

Cost effective hosted solutions business connectivity

Seriun 3CX

SIP trunks are easy to integrate with Seriun 3CX VoIP system

IP Network

We offer hosted solutions as an alternative to traditional ISDN phone lines for small to medium-sized businesses. For most businesses, switching to a hosted solution is no longer an option but a necessity. In 2025, BT will switch off their ISDN and PTSN networks and migrate to a single IP core network.

Hosted phone systems were previously unreliable. However, broadband technology and business fibre broadband have made it possible to get faster speeds and better performance.


Hosted solutions: Business connectivity from Seriun

Seriun 3CX

Seriun 3CX offers flexible options and features designed specifically for your business needs. Our IP network offers a comprehensive solution for businesses that are in search of a platform that is scalable as your business grows.

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Clear communication is a core business need. Providing high-quality communications is one of the key advantages of using SIP trunking. We ensure that you can send and receive phone calls as clearly and efficiently as possible.

Our SIP platform gives your business a competitive edge. With clearer communications comes improved productivity. Employees can reach each other on the first try, saving time and enabling unified communication. Employees can also work remotely which allows them to continue being productive even outside the office.

Switch from ISDN

Integrated Services Digital Network allows simultaneous digital transmission of voice, data, and video among other network services. However, ISDN is getting phased out in 2025. Small businesses who cannot afford any breaks in transmission are encouraged to make the switch early.

SIP trunking has grown popular because of its significant cost savings to users. However, SIP also has a variety of advantages over ISDN. While ISDN offers digital solutions that analogue PSTN did not have, it still requires users to pay separately for voice and data.

SIP providers use an application layer protocol based on IP. This allows users to access both data and voice on the same channel. SIP is a modern solution that gives users access to both services through a single pipeline.

ISDN uses a traditional copper telephone network to give users access to voice and data. SIP trunking delivers these services via the internet.

While both ISDN and SIP allow data to be carried over, SIP is more efficient and cost effective. ISDN is also going to become obsolete as more businesses opt for IP telephony. SIP also allows businesses to purchase on a line by line basis which means you only ever pay for what you need.

The advantages of SIP trunking far outweigh those associated with ISDN. Seriun is a leading SIP provider offering a wide range of telephony systems and communication solutions that are designed to coordinate with your business and customer’s needs.

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If you require control over your level of IT or Telecoms support, and would like to find out more about how Seriun can reduce your IT costs and deliver a managed outsourced department – get in touch or give us a call now.