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Fixed Mobile Convergence

Fixed mobile convergence is a service that interacts with fixed networks, or cable operators, and mobile networks. Read more

FMC is designed to optimise data, voice, and video transmission to end users in different locations on varying devices.

In practise, it is a lot more difficult than it sounds. As implied in the name, fixed refers to telephone lines and WiFi, which are wired systems, while mobile is used by cellular devices. The two systems are independent and work differently.

Many mobile operators have both fixed and mobile operations, but this does not translate to automatic convergence. For some companies, both operations function as separate, distinct business units.


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Unified Communication

Improve working within teams, departments and locations

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Remote Working

FMC is hailed as a convenient service that allows you to work from where you are. For most people, the ability to take calls and respond to emails does not always equal a virtual office. This is because outside the office you use your phone while at the office you turn to the the PC and the traditional work telephone. An office which uses WiFi also boosts mobility rather than convergence.

Fixed mobile convergence envisions the wired and wireless technology rolled into one. This means you would have one phone for use both inside and outside the office. At the office, the phone would communicate over the internal PBX or WLAN. When outside the office the device would use your regular cellular network.

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Savings with FMC

This convergence would result in significant savings due to reduced costs of maintenance and ongoing costs associated with delivering voice services.

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Mobile App Integration

Fixed mobile integration would allow users to start their call at home and head out to wherever there is cell service without switching phones or hanging up. FMC would also allow you to use Voice over Internet Protocol services such as Skype, whenever an internet connection is available.

Convergence would allow cellular telephones to function smoothly without network problems caused by fixed infrastructure.

Improved Customer Service

FMC expands your business’ market size by including business calls made from fixed locations and calls made at home. In addition, most employees have a list of telephone numbers on their mobile handsets which ensures they know who is calling and what they need even when they are away from the office.

Customers can reach employees at any time and place. FMC solutions such as wireless WiFi convergence and IP-PBX extensions provide software that can be loaded on to the phone to allow your cell phone to communicate with the internal landline.

This allows the mobile phone to act as the traditional landline with the same number shared between the two. In turn, customers can reach you through your landline and mobile whether you are in or out of the office.

FMC also accommodates conference calls and a host of other capabilities all of which contribute to better, more efficient customer service.

If you would like some more information on the FMC solutions we provide to our clients, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. We have years of experience in integrating new telecoms technologies into growing businesses.

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