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CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

Computer telephony integration allows computers to interact with telephone systems. CTI technology is primarily used in call centres, allowing users to perform call-related tasks directly from their desktop.Read more

CTI also allows other communication devices such as fax, mobile, and voicemail to communicate with each other, giving users centralised control of all means of communication through a single interface.

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CTI does not use phones. A Call centre agent can make and receive calls from their computer. Computer Telephony Integration allows agents to put callers on hold and route the call to the correct, available agent.

CTI also prompts callers to push buttons to respond to the voice-recognition software or push buttons for more options. This means instead of the outdated ‘user busy ‘or ‘unavailable’ tones, callers can now get solutions to their problems even during off-peak hours. This is useful for establishing and making your business’ presence felt when clients need assistance.

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Keep Records with CTI

CTI also improves visibility into customer touchpoints and outlines agent efforts by keeping detailed call records. These records allow intelligent analysis and decision-making.

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Call Control

With CTI, computers act as the telephones. Call centre agents only need a headset to communicate with the caller. When the agent picks up a call, the caller’s information is displayed on the screen. The screen pop allows the agent to authenticate any information and add notes to the customer’s record where necessary.

Call control on the browser also allows the agent to answer, transfer, hold, or mute the call. Call centre agents do not need to go back and forth between a phone and the desktop to verify information in the middle of a call.

CTI’s call control also increases productivity. A call centre with many agents saving a few minutes on each incoming call can serve on average up to 20% more callers, boosting performance.


CTI allows the integration of all call logs including call history, call transcripts, call recordings, and call metrics among other relevant caller data. Caller data is integrated on one unified dashboard which boosts efficiency for agents when handling calls.

CTI authenticates the caller by comparing their data and the number they called from to the information they have in the company’s database and integrated tools. This integration also assists agents to give more personalised service to callers.

Automatic authentication also saves time and eliminates the need for callers to repeat their personal and account information over and over as the agent pulls up their records.

CTI integration also enables managers and supervisors to better understand the performance of their agents. With call recording, monitoring, and real-time reports, CTI helps improve the whole team’s performance. Managers and supervisors can focus on individual performance to foster better customer service.

CTI gives many businesses a competitive advantage. It also improves your customer’s experience with features such as automatic call back and click to call.

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