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Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line refers to a standard used for the DSL, a broadband internet access system. ADSL drives most connections worldwide and offers faster connection speeds than traditional internet dial-up lines. Read more

Although the new fibre technology cannot be ignored, ADSL offers flexibility which makes it a popular choice for most small and medium businesses. ADSL allows connection through existing copper telephone cables available at your business premises.

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Simple Setup

Using copper telephone wires, set up is simple and quick to complete

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One of the most reliable connectivity options for your business

Cost effective hosted solutions business connectivity


Popular with small and medium business due to flexibility

Digital Transmission

Before ADSL, businesses were forced to work with limiting modems which affected their abilities to make calls whilst using the internet. Coupled with download speeds being very slow, ADSL was created as a cost-effective solution.

ADSL replaced modems and while it still uses phone lines, digital transmission speeds are remarkably fast. ADSL is asymmetric, which means it has different data transfer rates for uploads and downloads, with faster download speeds and slower upload speeds.

Most of the channel on ADSL is used to transmit data downstream to the user with only a small portion receiving information from the user. ADSL also accommodates voice transfer on the same line so users can make calls because it uses a higher frequency than landline telephony.

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Smart Functions

ADSL can also be spread throughout the phone and power network, even in a storied building, for better reception. It also comes with smart functions such as access points, switches, and smart solutions which boost the business network.

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ADSL is commonly referred to as an “always on” connection because it provides a continuous connection to the internet. Unlike other business connectivity options, ADSL users can easily get access simply by clicking on the browser. Businesses never have to worry about busy signals that are common with dial-up access.

The ADSL broadband connection also allows fast downloads which makes it a reliable and efficient option for multimedia applications. The quick connection also means employees working remotely can join their colleagues at the click of a button using their web cam and the high-speed connection.

Cost Effective

ADSL offers a cost-effective solution for businesses which do not have the budget to invest in new communication infrastructure. It uses traditional infrastructure and does not require new or extensive investments because ADSL takes advantage of traditional copper wiring found in most buildings.

ADSL also allows a central or customised circuit with each subscriber receiving an independent service. This means that for a low monthly fee, you can get unlimited access to the internet. This is a huge advantage for small and medium businesses who no longer have to restrict themselves to save on costs.

Internet service providers are reducing monthly charges to compete with other providers making ADSL connections more affordable. ADSL broadband has also made it possible for employees to work from home, reducing time wasted in traffic and non-productivity as a result of being away from the office.

ADSL has also changed the face of many small and medium businesses by giving employees a way to receive and address business details efficiently and cost effectively. Employees can quickly and easily obtain any business information they need via the internet and complete their objectives and responsibilities faster.

Employees no longer have to waste time waiting for slow information downloads because ADSL costs less and works more efficiently than traditional systems. It remains one of the most popular internet connectivity options for small and medium businesses because it is efficient and cost effective.

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