Tech considerations when growing a business

Technology is an essential part of all modern business operations, and when used effectively can help a business grow and progress.

There are many technology considerations for business growth, depending on the route you take and your specific needs. Let’s consider some key elements:

Mobile technologies
Investing in mobile technologies can certainly encourage business growth. With more businesses now offering flexible working arrangements, mobile technologies have advanced and offer excellent ways of working remotely with optimal efficiency. Work can now be done anywhere, which increases productivity as you no longer have to wait to be back at your desk to get something done. For maximum impact, you should consider cloud solutions that allow users to access the same applications and services from any location or device to promote effective collaboration. If businesses are smart about their investments in tech, and get the right IT required for scaling a business, then growth and success becomes easier than ever before.

Business productivity software
The Microsoft Office 365 suite has a host of enterprise level applications under its umbrella that all work in synergy to streamline and simplify your current business processes. They will provide you with all the essential tools you and your team need to optimise your collaboration, efficiency, customer relations and productivity from wherever you are, all while reducing your costs – and ultimately growing your business. Some of the more popular apps include Dynamics, Teams and SharePoint as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Lesser well-known apps that are extremely useful include Forms, Planner, Sway, OneDrive, OneNote and Bookings.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Delivering excellent service is key to retaining and acquiring customers, which contributes to your business growth. To help you deliver the best service, you need to utilise a decent CRM system that integrates seamlessly with your business communications tools. If you have bought into the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem, we can highly recommend Dynamics 365 for all your customer relationship needs. Dynamics 365 can give you a complete picture of a customer’s buying history. You can personalise the customer experience and use pre-built KPIs to understand the customer journey and check the health of your relationships. In essence, it gives you the tools you need to really understand your customers and provide bespoke services, which in turn will help you grow your business.

Relocating your business
Relocating to a larger premises is a great way to facilitate growth. There are many critical factors that require thorough planning, and the challenge of moving your business technology is often the most complex of them all. Having the right IT and communications partner is crucial. They will ensure you have the correct hardware required for scaling a business. They will also migrate your phones, internet, computers, data, networks, and systems in a specific and controlled manner to ensure all potential pitfalls are avoided, and business continuity is maintained.

In conclusion, many different elements contribute to business growth. These include providing a good level of customer service, minimising operational costs and maximising revenues. A well-planned IT infrastructure can help facilitate all these things as it naturally creates new and effective ways of doing business that will optimise productivity and efficiency.
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