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15th 2024

Your ‘ISDN switch-off’ solution

If your still wondering what route to take before the ISDN switch-off, then 3CX is your answer. We proudly offer 3CX as our hosted phone system, which is customisable to meet your exact communication needs. BT are ending...

7th 2024

Is your IT provider ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited?

Seriun’s solutions for a secure future Is your IT provider risking your data security and service quality by cutting corners? And are you aware of how much their accreditations truly matter? What are ISO 27001 and ISO...

16th 2024

Protect and Restore

Seriun’s solutions for a secure future Imagine this: you’re in the midst of a productive work day, typing away, sending out emails, when suddenly it freezes, a message pops up demanding a ransom for your files’ to...

27th 2024

James Pratt’s Journey with MSP Seriun

MSP Seriun’s Commitment to Employee Growth and Career Progression. In April 2021, James Pratt joined MSP Seriun, becoming an integral part of their service desk team. In just a few years, he has achieved two...

30th 2023

Seriun IT welcomes new team member from Poland

Seriun is proud to introduce Greg Maryniarczyk who brings a unique blend of skills and experience. Managed Service Provider Seriun is pleased to announce Greg Maryniarczyk as their newest team member. Greg lived in...

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