Spam Warning!

Spam Warning!

Be aware of the current spam phone call and email doing the rounds…

You may get a spam phone call from someone saying they are from BT warning that your Broadband services may be cut off within 24 hours unless you press the numbers as instructed. If you comply you could be charged a minimum of £100 for the call!

You could also receive an email from a supposedly legitimate source like Office 365 (may appear like: saying that you have a missed voicemail, prompting you to click a web link, which will then ask you to enter your password. If you comply your account will likely be hacked.

What to do…

Please be vigilant and if the call/email sounds alarmist, requesting you to take immediate action – STOP, hang up the call or delete the email. If you are still unsure call the actual company who the communication has allegedly come from and ask the legitimacy.

Trust your instincts, they’re usually right. Don’t fall foul to malicious hacking attempts.