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Intellistream Business Intelligence

Intellistream is a versatile sales data analysis and Business Intelligence tool designed for the retail industry.

We have created Intellistream to make your life easier, it will do the ground work for you so you can focus your efforts on driving your business forward while stimulating revenue growth.

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A versatile and flexible solution

The Intellistream platform provides managers with an instant, powerful and configurable toolset providing a single version of the truth.

It allows users to quickly drill into data, gain and share business insight and develop effective business strategies – ultimately saving a significant amount of time that would be otherwise wasted on manual processes.

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The Intellistream process

Intellistream integrates with your current systems and applications.

It extracts data from disparate internal systems and processes it automatically in our data warehouse – giving you instant access to accurate and manageable centralised data, and business insights, when required.

Through the Intellistream process, system integration is enhanced, which enables you to reduce resource intensive tasks in gathering and processing data – significantly speeding up data analysis – allowing you to spend more time driving your business forward.