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Our bespoke software solutions are designed to be flexible, efficient and reliable, and adhere to your dynamic business needs.

How we do it

There are five core components that enable us to deliver bespoke software solutions to our clients:

Detailed Consultation

We spend time really getting to know your business, to understand the bigger picture and exceed your expectations.


We undertake thorough research to ensure we design the right concept for your business, and develop a prototype solution to the agreed specification.


Our skilled software engineers work meticulously to develop the agreed solution to maximise efficiency in your workplace.


We work with you to seamlessly integrate your bespoke solution and train your dedicated team to optimise productivity.

Support & Maintenance

Our support team are at your disposal 24/7, and we will provide continuous maintenance on your system, providing you with future releases and regular updates.

The Seriun Wire

We pride ourselves on delivering first class solutions that really make a difference, but we want you to hear it from those that matter – our customers…

Open for Vintage
Case Study

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The Seriun Wire

“We asked Seriun to deliver our marketplace platform. Their approach ensured that key business requirements were quickly identified and a strategic roadmap developed that resulted in the timely and cost effective delivery of our marketplace. Seriun have proven to be a strategic partner to Open for Vintage, and we highly recommend them.”

Colin Saunders
CEO, Open for Vintage

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