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Imagine this: you’re in the midst of a productive work day, typing away, sending out emails, when suddenly it freezes, a message pops up demanding a ransom for your files’ to be released.

You’ve just become the latest victim of ransomware. So, what’s your next move?

Protecting today with Seriun Ransomware Detection

As part of our cyber security services, we offer ransomware detection, which is designed to spot any suspicious activity such as unusual file encryption and unauthorised attempts to access your files. You can think of it like a superhero jumping into action, thwarting the villain then sending out a distress signal to our team of experts to make sure there are no further threats waiting in the wings. Crisis averted, with no need to even consider paying any ransomware!

Restoring tomorrow with Microsoft 365 backup

Is your Microsoft 365 backed up? Many people assume their data is secure and automatically backed up by Microsoft. But this is not the case. To quote Microsoft:

“We recommend that you regularly backup your content and data using third party apps and services” – Excerpt from Microsoft 365 Service Level Agreement.

Have you ever experienced the sinking feeling of accidently deleting an important document, only to find it is irretrievable? With our backup solution, you can put your worries behind you. Again to use an analogy, our solution is like having a personal assistant diligently keeping copies of all your vital documents including, Teams chats, SharePoint files, OneDrive documents, emails and more. Accidently delete something? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

How will our solutions improve your business efficiency?

Our solutions are designed to streamline your operations and make your life easier.

Tailored to fit you! Your business is unique. Our solutions understand that and can be customised to fit your specific needs. Our solutions are also always on duty. While you’re enjoying your well-deserved downtime, our tech is on the clock, watching over your systems 24/7.

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