Samsung end of life support
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Samsung end of life support

Samsung have pulled back their support out of the UK business communications market for their PBX systems. We as a company have stock available to cover the remainder of your maintenance contract but this is a limited supply, and we recommend you switch to our updated 3CX hosted solution before your contract expires – to ensure you seamlessly transition to a new communications solution with full support going forward.

Seriun 3CX

The Seriun 3CX phone system offers a complete communications solution out of the box. As an open-standards PBX, installation and management of your phone system has never been easier. Plus, it brings the following benefits:

  • Call Recording & Call Reporting
  • Boost productivity with Unified Comms: Status, Chat, etc.
  • Work on the go: Android & iOS apps, web-based softphone
  • Integrated WebRTC Video Conferencing
  • Improve customer service: Click2Call, Live Chat & Talk plugin
  • CRM integration with Office 365, Salesforce, etc.

For further information on our hosted 3CX phone system, and to read about the full list of benefits please download the brochure below.

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Early bird reward

If you switch from your Samsung PBX system to a Seriun 3CX hosted phone system before the end of the year (31st Dec 2022) we will install your new system for free.


What is the reason for Samsung removing their UK support?
This is a business decision Samsung have collectively made. We do not know the reasons behind their choice.

What if I don’t do anything?
At the date at which your maintenance contract expires, we won’t be able to guarantee replacement parts will be available.

Are there any benefits to switching early?
Yes, we will offer free installation if you switch before the end of the year (2022).

What are the benefits to switching?
Change to a feature-rich, flexible and cost-effective hosted solution which enables easy remote working with mobile and web based soft phones.