National Apprenticeship Week: MSP Seriun Showcases its Commitment to Developing Young Talent


It is National Apprenticeship Week and MSP Seriun, a leading provider of IT, telecoms and cyber security, is proud to announce its commitment to developing young talent through being a local apprentice employer.

Seriun work closely with the local colleges to find the right candidate for their apprenticeship roles. With three active apprenticeships in IT, Business Administration and Marketing, Seriun is demonstrating its belief in the importance of providing opportunities for young people to gain valuable experience and skills in a tech environment.

Following the successful completion of an apprenticeship, Seriun will offer a full-time permanent position for the apprentice to progress on to.

Operations Director at Seriun, Mark Edwards said, “At Seriun, we believe that apprenticeships are a vital part of our commitment to creating a positive future for young people. Our apprentices have brought new ideas and perspectives to our team and are helping drive our business forward.”

Marketing Apprentice Isabelle Butson said, “I’m really enjoying my role in Marketing – there’s loads of variety and the experience I’ve already gained is invaluable. The team are really friendly and I’m glad I chose to take my apprenticeship with Seriun.”

IT Apprentice Andrei Balaban commented, “I’m so proud to be part of the Seriun team. The hands-on experience I’m getting is really helping my growth and development as an IT professional.”

Business Administration Apprentice Michael Zhang said, “Everyone made me feel so welcome when I started and I have joined the Seriun football team, which is great! – we try to get together and play once a week. I’m also enjoying my role. Because I’m involved with many areas of the business, I’m gaining good insight into how a successful business operates, which I’ll be able to apply throughout my career.”

Seriun is looking to recruit another IT Apprentice in the Summer to support the busy service desk. The company recognises that apprenticeships are an effective way to develop young talent and is proud to be a leading advocate for apprenticeships in IT and other fields.

Service Desk Manager at Seriun, Paul Jameson said, “At Seriun, we believe that the key to a successful future is by investing in young talent and helping to develop the next generation of IT, and business professionals.”

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