Microsoft are setting consistent global pricing for their Cloud Services

Microsoft global pricing

Since the last Microsoft Cloud FX pricing adjustment in January 2017, Microsoft have announced there will be another adjustment on 1st April 2023, when they introduce consistent pricing for their Cloud products around the globe.

For a sustained period, Microsoft have deferred pricing adjustments despite currency fluctuations, but they have now established a centralised process to align pricing to reflect the exchange rate of the local currency to the US dollar (USD). They will review this twice per year to ensure pricing is correct and will make adjustments when necessary. This means you could see prices increase or decrease in the future.

Microsoft’s main reasons for this change?

Microsoft will continue to invest in R&D to bring you cutting edge technologies enabling you to innovate, consolidate and eliminate operating costs, while optimising your business performance and efficiency. Their products are security focussed and provide the foundation for a strong security strategy. It’s for these reasons that Microsoft believe their cloud services are priced competitively.

How will this affect you?

UK customers will have an additional 9% added to their current price for any online Microsoft Cloud Service. This latest price change will not directly impact Microsoft Azure NCE, because pricing is already converted from the US Dollar each month to the local currency.

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