James Pratt’s Journey with MSP Seriun

MSP Seriun’s Commitment to Employee Growth and Career Progression.

In April 2021, James Pratt joined MSP Seriun, becoming an integral part of their service desk team. In just a few years, he has achieved two well-deserved promotions – testament to his skills and dedication.

James, or ‘JP’ as his colleagues and friends refer to him, initially pursued Business Studies at Sheffield Hallam University but soon discovered his passion for technology. This realisation inspired his move to industry where he secured a 1st line engineering role with Seriun. Since his inauguration, he has consistently demonstrated his passion for delivering service excellence to Seriun’s clients, and was rewarded with a promotion to 2nd line engineer with quick succession to 3rd line engineer on 1st February this year – less than 3 years from when he started.

In his new role, James deals with more complex technical challenges, oversees key IT infrastructure decisions, and provides excellent service to Seriun’s clients. Reflecting on his journey, James appreciates the acknowledgment of his hard work and the ongoing learning required in the IT field.

James said: “I’ve been with Seriun for a few years now, and it’s been a rewarding journey. I started in a 1st line capacity, and thanks to the support and opportunities here, I’ve climbed up to 3rd line relatively quicky. The tech challenges keep me on my toes, and the learning never stops. Seriun’s commitment to employee growth is real, and I’m excited about the path ahead.”

Seriun’s Service Desk Manager, Paul Jameson commented: “JP is a reliable and highly skilled team member, always excelling in everything he does. At Seriun we believe in personal development and career progression, and with JP’s recent promotion, I’m confident in his continued success.”

James’ journey shows how MSP Seriun is dedicated to helping employees grow and succeed in the tech industry. His progress highlights the company’s commitment to developing talent and empowering people to excel in their chosen careers.

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