Enterprising first for MSP Provider Seriun

Through their partnership with Seidor, Seriun are delivering SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to UK businesses, as an additional way of helping improve their clients’ business efficiencies.

In today’s world, it is essential that all facets of a business communicate with each other to streamline operations. SAP software is designed to do just that. It integrates all business processes – from finance and procurement, to HR and CRM – to allow more efficient management and handling of a business, which in turn aims to increase productivity and create significant cost savings.

Laura Brown, Marketing Manager of Seriun said: “We believe in empowering our customers to be the best they can, and through a well deployed ERP system it can make all the difference.”

Beta Group, one of Seriun’s customers, are one of the country’s leading service and maintenance experts, specialising in the manufacture of air filters and service of spraybooths. Their business is highly complex with many operational components. Day-to-day they utilise multiple software programs and data logging platforms to garner insight into the business. Management were finding it a challenge to see the big picture using these methods, so they turned to Seriun and SAP for the answer.

SAP has now been deployed within Beta Group, which has given them a centralised system that manages all the business functions and controls the flow of data between all areas – allowing management to have clearer visibility and greater control over their operations, resulting in accurate and timely deliverables.

Martin Lewis, Director of Beta Group said “It’s an exciting time for Beta as we take our business to the next level with SAP. It will help us analyse every area of our business, bringing us the intelligence we need to make better decisions, which will make us much more efficient, and hopefully save us thousands of pounds in the process.”

Lewis continued: “Seriun were the obvious choice. They’ve looked after our IT for over ten years, and have given us nothing less than impeccable service – they really do go above and beyond. So, when they branched out in delivering SAP, why would we look elsewhere?”

Sherwood commented: “We’re thrilled Beta have decided to use Seriun to manage their SAP system and are looking forward to seeing them enjoy the success of having an integrated system in place creating efficiencies by design and bringing the business intelligence needed to drive their business forward.”

To find out how to get SAP into your business, please contact Seriun on: 08081 643 644, or visit: www.seriun.co.uk.