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Why Choose Seriun for Dark Web Monitoring Services

When it comes to protecting your business from the hidden threats of the dark web, we are your trusted partner. Our expertise in cyber security, combined with our advanced technology, provides a robust defence against cyber threats.

We offer:

24/7 Monitoring: Our team works round the clock to identify and alert you of any threats.

Real-time Alerts: We are notified immediately if your sensitive data appears on the dark web.

Proactive Approach: We proactively hunt down potential threats and stop them in their tracks.

Our Dark Web Monitoring Solutions

Our Dark Web Monitoring Services are designed to safeguard your business from the threats lurking in the dark web. We monitor the dark web for any signs of your business and employee information. If we find your data, we alert you immediately and work with you to secure your systems.


How we do it

The Steps Involved in the Process

Setup & Integration: We integrate our monitoring systems with your existing IT infrastructure.

Continuous Monitoring: Our systems scan the dark web continuously for any data related to your business.

Threat Identification: If we find your data on the dark web, we identify the potential threats associated with it.

Alerts & Reports: We are alerted in real-time when a threat is identified – we will give you all the details in a thorough report.

Remediation Support: We assist you in securing your systems and preventing further breaches.


Dark Web Reporting

Our Dark Web Report will scan all instances of your domain online, and highlight if any of your passwords or credentials have been leaked onto the dark web. If they have, then you will be aware and can change them immediately.

In essence, a Dark Web report serves as an early warning system, helping you take proactive action to mitigate risks and strengthen your overall cyber security defences.


The Reasons to Conduct Dark Web Monitoring

Prevent Data Breaches: By monitoring the dark web, you can identify threats before they cause a breach.

Protect Your Reputation: A data breach can harm your reputation. Preventing breaches helps maintain customer trust.

Stay Compliant: For many businesses, data security is not just important, it’s required by law. Dark web monitoring helps you stay compliant.

Protect your business from the unseen threats of the dark web.
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