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Telecommunications and the convergence with Information Technology has become a driver for change. The ability to access information and connect with people is critical. Ever increasingly important is understanding how devices, digital assets and their respective security are managed across the organisation. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can reduce risk and deliver a fully outsourced managed service.

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Smart telecoms improving organisation and efficiency

If you want a unified solution that will help you manage your business and increase productivity Seriun combines the best hardware and technology to drive efficiency.

A unified approach makes telecoms work for you

Offering you a range of services to make your business work smarter, our telecoms services combine -


Telephone systems and hardware – wireless and traditional equipment, supplied and maintained
Call recording – ISDN, ASDN, SIP or analogue calls recorded for quality control and performance management
• Call reporting – analysing traffic and monitoring employee productivity
• Connectivity – unified mobile, desktop and traditional communications working together
• Resource management – connecting appointments, activity and location across hardware
• Operator function – efficient call handling and direction of inquiries
• Voice messaging – clear and simple communication
• PCI compliance – adapting to regulations and providing secure payment systems
• VoIP – internet broadband and cloud based telephone services

Secure technology that you can rely on

Providing you with unified telecoms, Seriun also offers a disaster recovery strategy for your entire system to protect you in the event of failure or loss, whatever the reason.

SIP disaster recovery offers the flexibility to transfer calls automatically and take messages to reduce downtime and allow business continuity.

Saving your business money

When you adopt unified telecoms you have the flexibility to make changes to suit you without needing to replace your existing system. Web based technology allows you the freedom to add and change services from the comfort of your own office.

Monitoring use and cost, with effective telecoms efficiency goes hand in hand with affordable services.

If you’re missing out on the benefits of unified telecoms get in touch or call Seriun now. You could even be benefiting from FREE calls too.