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Our NEC Phone Systems

It’s crucial for small and mid-sized businesses to have the right communications platform, because the personal touch matters. We now offer a range of NEC phone systems to suit different company structures and budgets. Read more…

Each NEC platform is a comprehensive integrated solution designed to meet the unique challenges and communication needs of SMBs, and will give a tangible return on investment.



What are hosted solutions?

VoIP hosted and managed telephony services use a cloud based service located on multiple resilient platforms. They enable your business to work much more efficiency, and helps to raise employee productivity. Hosted solutions have revolutionised the infrastructure of modern day offices, by allowing all companies access to technology previously only available to larger organisations.

About Our Hosted Voice Select Solution

Our Hosted Voice Select (HV Select) solutions are available for a minimal capital outlay, making it a highly cost-effective option. With fully-owned IP platforms hosted in secure and resilient data centres, the only hardware required on site is an HD quality handset, managed router, Power Over Ethernet (POE) switch.

HV SELECT also offers incredibly flexibility as the number of users can be increased only as and when required. The level of control you have over your current telephony operations is also increased when using a hosted system. Our dedicated web portal is able to control a variety of features for individual users and/or group administrators. This means that senior staff can take control of a wide variety of user privileges from any internet-enabled device.

Our market-leading HV SELECT telephony system provides a cost-effective solution by delivering a safe and reliable service using cloud based technology and centralised data storage and archive facilities.

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HV Select: The key features

• Unlimited free on-net calls
• 5000pm minutes of calls to UK 01/02/ 03*numbers and UK mobile networks
• Advanced hunt groups
• Voice messaging with voicemail to email
• Unlimited levels of auto-attendant
• UC Business mobile application to include IM&P and video calling
• Go Integrator Lite
• Self Service Portal
• 24/7 network monitoring
• Service Assurance Portal
• End-to-end service

Additional Enhanced Features

HV. SELECT HD – Additional Enhanced Features:

• Latest functionality – Meet Me Conferencing and screen collaboration
• Flexible number portability – retain your office numbers
• Call Centre ACD
• Call recording with 6 month’s storage
• Full integration with CRM – Go Integrator DB
• In-depth call analytics
• Skype for Business plugin now available


What are the key benefits of hosted solutions?

Hosted solutions allow your business the opportunity to economise on your office expenses and overheads. Without the need for expensive on-site equipment, you can forego the additional expense of maintenance, servicing or upgrades. Our hosted solutions are also future-proof, and offer a wealth of features that are simply not found on more traditional telephony systems. Simply put, HV. SELECT HD optimises your telephony capabilities, granting you the safe, secure and extensive benefits or using internet based hosting solutions.

Other Key Benefits

• Secure – built in business continuity and disaster recovery with call re-routing
• Reliable – guaranteed 99.9% uptime backed by our SLA
• Scalable – easy to add and remove users
• No hardware – complete PBX functionality without the hardware
• Enhanced mobility through seamless remote operation
• Attractive payment terms including a new handset
• Easy monthly budgeting with generous inclusive bundle
• Wide range of features
• Reliable robust platform in partnership with BT Openreach