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Intellistream Business Intelligence

Intellistream is a versatile sales data analysis and Business Intelligence tool designed for the retail industry. Read on…

We have created Intellistream to make your life easier, it will do the ground work for you so you can focus your efforts on driving your business forward while stimulating revenue growth.



Instant data at your fingertips

The Intellistream platform provides managers with an instant, powerful and configurable toolset that allows them to quickly drill down into data, gain and share business insight and develop effective business strategies.


Make life easier

With a Business Intelligence solution, you can leave the mundane chore of data inputting and analyses behind and enjoy the world of integrated automation. Our BI solutions will do the hard work for you and give you accurate and relevant information at your fingertips when you need it, so you can concentrate on driving the business forward.


Empowering gets results

If you want to get the best out of your sales team, opt for the gamification bolt-on within our BI Software and really empower your people. Once commission levels and targets are introduced, your team members can easily view their position against their peers and see how close they are to hitting target. When targets are reached a digital award will be given and either a trophy, rosette or badge, etc. will appear next to the avatar.


A perfect fit for your business

Our sophisticated BI solutions are designed to integrate with your existing programs and systems, such as Excel, Power BI, Power Pivot, footfall counters and sales systems, so you can rest assured our BI software can be smoothly implemented within your business, resulting in improved efficiency, energy and productivity, without disruption.

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