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Our holistic and consultative approach aims to understand the key strategic goals for your business systems. We endeavour to focus on key areas of unified communications, information systems and overall technical impact. From this 'gap' analysis we provide a clear plan and set out key objectives.

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Understanding your technical requirements and providing a strategic roadmap for your business systems, enables us demonstrate and implement solutions that deliver a return on your investment. We consider value and return as critical deliverables, alongside operational efficiency and reliability.



Helpful advice to benefit your business


Offering you technical consultancy for communications, IT support and software provision, rather than a sales pitch Seriun provides 1-2-1 advice that’s as friendly as it is helpful.


Best practice to meet your needs


Providing you with services that deliver business continuity from the outset, Seriun works with you to create services that are effective from day one - and not reliant on redundant systems to improve reliability.


Delivering solutions for your business Seriun establishes where you really need support by asking about –


  • Disaster – making sure you have a plan to get back to feel speed quickly


  • Backup – offsite secure backup to protect critical business systems and data


  • Security – up to date and correctly focussed to protect your business


  • Contingency – planning for business continuity in all circumstances


  • Policy – user policies help employees understand their responsibility


  • Control – document and data transfer needs to be secure


  • Hardware – great products improve productivity


  • Software – bespoke solutions make business simpler and easier


Exploring your need


Communications, IT support and software solutions are not generic. Every business has its priorities and Seriun will understand yours to shape services you need.


If you want personalised services that meet your vision for your business and professional advice that solves problems call today or get it touch.


Seriun provides IT support in the North West including Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and beyond.